Winter Challenge

I never claimed that I am a consistent blogger. In fact, when I brought this blog-baby into the jungle of information on www, I stated that I rarely feel the need for whatever it is on mind to leave its temple and clutter the junkyard the informational space seems to have become.

However. There are exceptions.

In my book of wisdom, the ability to create is one of the greatest gifts a human being inherently possesses, and to pursue it grants us some meaningful purpose. With this posh introduction I give you a show, a party, an auction, fun time and opportunity – at Wheelworks in Belmont, Thursday, January 21, from 6pm to 10pm.

Come join your friends, make new ones, enjoy the art of photography, painting, printing and drawing, and if you are a cyclist, get pumped up for the training months, re-live your battles and share the war stories – all just a week before the Cyclocross Worlds!

If you are not a cyclist, we would love to see you at the show just as well! Besides the fact that such a concentration of bike-minded people is plain entertaining by itself, you might find yourself becoming a member of a new community, that can’t stop, won’t stop!


There will be an auction of a few art pieces, all unique, all originals with no copies or reproductions to follow. The auction will be conducted in a “silent” mode (a note next to the piece will have brief description, the start price which is just materials/printing/framing cost and space for your bids) with a brief “live” closing. You are welcome to pay for and/or pick up the art works later in the week, so no need to bring extra money or worry about a car.

Lastly, while I leave a chance for the moody New England weather gods to bestow Miami beach weather upon us in the middle of January, I am going to count on the worst scenario: freezing, windy, snowy.
Therefore, to lure you all the way into Belmont, Pedal Power Photography and Wheelworks will offer plenty of free beer, Vitamin water, finger food from Sofra Bakery and more.

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